Before I joined Evolve I needed to increase my strength, stamina. I also wanted to lose a few lbs...5-10.  I wanted to be consistent, which is hard for me to do. I needed discipline and in keeping me on track. I joined Evolve a few months ago.  I like that I need to keep a schedule, sign up for classes. I am paying monthly, so want to follow through, not give up.

I was skeptical before joining, because due to my past experiences, I usually do not stay with a program for a long time, in order to see results...I wasn't sure I could follow through.

I like the friendly staff at Evolve, they get to know you, can call you by name.  Matt is available at any time to hear your concerns or questions. (He never seems to sleep!)

I like the Fitness Forever staff trainers. They are friendly, we can talk, laugh together (unless we are out of breath :) ) during our 30-min exercise sessions.  I like the quality equipment, it feels safe and clean. The class is slower than Boot Camp...good for us 'over 50's' folks. And -- I'm of the older ones.  I like the "30-day challenge"...another way to keep me on schedule, to challenge myself, be accountable to myself.