What is boot camp?

Our boot camp is a group training program that gets results! Each workout is a full body 45 minute strength and aerobic workout designed to burn fat and build muscle. Each session is led by a qualified and educated trainer who will lead you from start to finish in a fun, safe, and effective manner. Our boot camp rooms have the ability to hold 20 people per session, and we have clients of every age, gender, and fitness level. Regardless of where you are starting, we are here to help you progress and if you have issues that need modifications, we are here to help with that too.

As a boot camp member you also get full access to individual coaching. When you join, you get a goal setting and nutrition consultation as well as an assessment. From there, we will keep reassessing to ensure you are on track for your goals and feeling the best you ever have.

You also get free access to our spin room, flex room, and membership site Transformation Canada [click here for a back-end tour). Inside our members only site are cardio workouts you can do in the flex room, follow along workouts for the spin bikes, and tons of at home workouts if you don't have time to make it to Evolve. We are giving you full access to exercise, coaching, and accountability to ensure you get results.

New Boot Camp Schedule

We have two boot camp rooms (with A/C!) and offer 100 boot camps per week.

Want to join us for a 30 day risk free trial?

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Here is what you will get

  1. 30 days of unlimited boot camps and cardio access: We will build a plan for you to attend 3-4 boot camps a week and set cardio workouts based on your goals ($200 value)

  2. Initial Assessment And Goal Setting Session: This is the meat and potatoes.  We will do a full body assessment including weight, measurements, progress pics, body fat % and the full inbody 570 analysis (optional for those who would rather we don't).  We will then build out your 90 day success plan from 24 hours to 90 days which will detail exactly what you are going to do to reach your goals ($200 value)

  3. Daily Nutrition Coaching for 30 days: Daily lessons and tasks to shape your nutrition plan and help you get sustainable results ($100 value) Visit THIS SITE for an in depth look at the coaching program.  It does last one year if you want to continue after the 30 days

  4. Access to Evolve's members only site:  Inside you will find 100s of recipes,  nutrition programs, workouts you can do on vacation, follow along cardio workouts and mini challenges to boost results ($300 value)

  5. A team of trainers dedicated to getting you the best and most sustainable fitness and health results possible (priceless)

  6. Weekly Accountability Email: Each week you will receive an email with questions to reflect on your week and how to do better the following week. ($50 value)

  7. Private facebook group for peer support and extra coaching

  8. Results or your money back: Priceless $$

  9. Optional Private Personal Training Session